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America is going green. That’s certainly true of buildings, whether they’re homes, commercial buildings or institutional spaces that are pre-existing or new construction. Today’s building management professionals strive for new and ambitious green goals in cleaning and maintenance.

Green is everywhere, for almost everyone. Look at the big picture: eight out of ten consumers are now making green buying decisions. That’s according to the 2009 National Green Buying study of 1,000 people, conducted by Green Seal™ and EnviroMedia Social Marketing. About 60 percent of shoppers in the general consumer market choose green cleaning products and look for reduced packaging.

It’s safe to say that the general attitude about green carries over from the consumer realm to the cleaning industry; people in this business are consumers, too. Cleaning industry pros have another sort of green incentive – the fi nancial kind – to put green cleaning products, services, and operations to work for them. Green products and practices deliver direct economic benefi ts to businesses, along with enhancements to health, safety, and environmental and social responsibility.

How has green been paying off:

Of course, it’s good to do the best job and respect the environment in which we live and work. But there are also business dividends to consider, as well. Here are a few examples. Going green is:

  • Cost-conscious. Concentrates require less bulky packaging, and less storage space in your facility. They also cost less to ship, and those savings can often be refl ected in the price.
  • Health-conscious. Well-trained users of safer cleaning products needn’t fear side effects, and the businesses that employ custodial staff can anticipate less sick time.
  • Image-conscious. A green business cashes in on advantages in marketing, contracting, recruiting, employee retention, and good will in the community.

Green is the color of success.

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